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Art Retreat at Atelier Au in Munich

Atelier Au is centrally located on the beautiful Isar near the Cornelius Bridge, named after the painter Peter von Cornelius and his nephew, the composer and poet Peter Cornelius. The Deutsches Museum is also within sight here.
At this beautiful location we offer our Munich Art Retreat exclusively for a maximum of six people. Before the start of the painting and drawing course, interested people can take part in an hour of yoga before art with our Yoga Teacher in a relaxed atmosphere. Afterwards, we start our painting and drawing course in a relaxed atmosphere. On Saturdays we have a nude model available for 3 hours, here you can refresh, deepen and experiment with your knowledge of nude drawing or painting.

Dates 2023
Art Retreats:

Date April:
Saturday, 29.4.–Sunday, 30.4, 2023
Daily 9:00–18:00
Breaks by arrangement
Booking number:
Fee: € 330,00
Please book via email:

Date September:
Saturday, 9.9.–Sunday, 10.9. 2023
Daily 9:00–18:00
Breaks by arrangement
Booking Number:
2-Days Art-Retreat-Atelier-Au-September
Fee: € 330,00
Please book via email:

Date October:
Friday, 20.10.–Sunday, 22.10. 2023
Daily 9:00–17:00
Breaks by arrangement
Booking Number:
3-Days Art-Retreat-Atelier-Au-Oktober
Fee: € 440,00
Please book via email:

Nude Drawing: approx. 2 hours

Morning daily yoga: 9.00–10:00
Don't forget your yoga mat and comfortable clothes!

Number of participants:
Maximum 6 people

Margarit v. Pölnitz & Achim Anders

Atelier Au
Eduard-Schmid-Str. 2
D-81541 München

Art Retreat Munich/Germany – Painting courses in the Studio Au ...

You will learn the basics of painting or deepen your existing knowledge. Whether abstract or representational painting with different painting techniques (acrylic, mixed techniques, watercolour, etc.) we will find creative ways together. We want to work with you in a processual way. We give a lot of space to emotions, intuition and spontaneity so that moods can be transferred to the canvas.

... Draw ...

Learning to draw means learning to see, but learning to draw also means understanding that no one can tell you how something should look. Learning to draw also means learning to meditate, because drawing is also a kind of yoga. You will learn the basics of drawing: seeing, recognising and grasping, finding the "characteristic" and realising it in a classical way or interpreting it freely. You refine the plastic representation with hatching and lavur techniques. They deal with light and shadow as well as composition. What is important and what can be left out is put up for fundamental consideration and discussion.

Line - Hatching - Washing - Combined techniques - Experimenting

In addition to the teaching of various drawing techniques, the quick, graphic comprehension is trained and various drawing tools are introduced.
Special attention is given to: sharpening the view and finding one's own style. Developing the courage to dare something new in a relaxed atmosphere and the possibility to discover the feeling of inner freedom.

... Nude drawing and painting ...

The human figure has been the focus of artistic interest since antiquity and has lost none of its appeal to this day. Whether the approach is naturalistic or abstract is up to each participant. In shaping the human figure, the course participants will practise on the model in initially short and later long nude poses to sharpen their eye for proportions and to develop their own style.

... Yoga before art

Our experienced yoga teacher is ready for you. In this class you will get the time to breathe, let go and arrive at yourself, your body and the room.
We start the day together with gentle yoga exercises. Breathing exercises in combination with movement help us to shake off the daily routine so that we can then devote ourselves fully to being creative with the necessary calm and energy.
This yoga session is suitable for everyone and invites you to feel good and arrive.

We look forward to you!

The individual needs of the participants are specifically addressed.
The seminar is suitable for all interested people with or withoutprevious knowledge.

Depending on personal preferences, please bring: canvas, drawing pad, acrylic paints, watercolors, etc. Sketch pad, pencils of different degrees of hardness, felt-tip pen, ballpoint pen, charcoal, black chalk, ink (pen, reed pen, brush), colored pencils, etc.
We would be happy to send you our list of materials.